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May 2, 2014 5:00pm PDT
. this graphic and the #benghazi is where you can find tweets about how hillary clinton has buckets of blood on her hands. the white house sends more personnel to the bundy ranch over cows than they did to benghazi. it's the place where people think that a white house communications adviser looking at white house talking points is the next watergate. #benghazi isn't just online, it's an entire industry, an entire imaginary realm. it's where, for instance, lindsey graham has actually been living for the past year. >> this is not a fox news story, this is an american story. i'm not satisfied with having the executive branch tell me what happened in benghazi. the scumbags are the people in the white house who lied about this. we're just starting on benghazi. >> #benghazi is the alternate fox news universe where there is only one thing going on in the world and it is benghazi. >> all right. we were waiting for others to ask questions. we know that the next question coming up is from a german reporter. we are not anticipating that that would be about the situation with benghazi, which is
May 2, 2014 12:00am PDT
, its president, is here and on president clinton's guest list for a st. patrick's day party. he will also meet house speaker newt gingrich. >> gerry adams not only has ties to american politicians but also to the american people, who've celebrated him as a hero and peacemaker. >> gerry adams was invited to the st. patrick's day parade because to most irish americans he is a hero. >> gerry! >> struggling to free northern ireland from british rule. but adams has been called a terrorist by others. >> yesterday that same gerry adams, the president of the irish political party sinn fein, was arrested for questioning in connection with one of the most notorious cold cases in the western hemisphere. >> police in northern ireland use this station to question the most serious terror suspects. gerry adams spent last night and today in custody here. >> in recent years gerry adams, currently a member of the irish parliament, has come to be seen as an elder statesman of sorts, a man who helped bring an end to the horrible troubles in northern ireland. he's also a man with very deep ties to t
May 1, 2014 5:00pm PDT
case the uber brackets. so the dpiet is fight is on. if it only serves to sharpen hillary clinton for battle it will be a good thing for the country. we need a tough sound up-to-date case for the democratic party's center left, the smart and selling sequel to eight years with president obama. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "all in with chris hayes" starts right now. >>> good evening from new york. i'm chris hayes. and happy may day. on this may day two big stories about the minimum wage in america. in seattle a victory. political and business leaders today announce they have reached a deal to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. the highest in the united states to be phased in over the next few years. meanwhile, back in washington, d.c. a vote on a national minimum wage hike to $10.10 though garnering a majority vote of 54-42 fell short of overcoming a republican filibuster. so what explains the difference aside from the obvious politics that seattle's a pretty liberal town and that the u.s. senate can't get a single piece of legislation through without a s
Apr 25, 2014 5:00pm PDT
and with this whole episode because it doesn't go awamp as you saw in 1995 with clinton being able to come back, he was in a bad spot. and we had all these militia guys come up and sort of this fever broke a little bit. and it hurt republicans. they didn't lose the house and senate, but they did lose the presidency. and i think it's going to be difficult for them to wash this away. especially when you have people like rick perry saying, well, so he's a racist. but he was sort of right on other stuff that we support. i think it's going to be tough for them to get rid of it. now, if -- if all of these disparate groups start to say we still like him, you could see that -- especially if democrats don't want to come out. it's going to be tough for them. >> i also wonder how much -- part of it is about what this anti-government animus is about. we'll talk in a second about the actual state subsidies that are issued here which are shocking actually. and appalling. >> right. >> when you look at what is going on with grazing fees, to be totally honest. >> yeah. >> that is part of it, as well, right? there's
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)